Canva Crash Course Video

Instructional design

This collaborative video project is tailored for educators participating in professional development. Deep Reel AI was integrated to present information. Creating a compelling visual narrative is vital to elevate the audience experience. Ensuring seamless content delivery optimizes viewer engagement.

Articulate Rise 360

Development of learning technology

This lesson module is for a Creative Writing course. I am proficient in Rise 360. I excel in developing engaging and interactive e-learning courses, leveraging its versatile authoring capabilities. My skills include creating dynamic multimedia content and optimizing user experiences to enhance learning outcomes.

Multimedia Reporting Project

Web design & publishing

In this multimedia project, I interviewed the small business owner of Artsy Seoul to share their story. This site showcases my skills in HTML, CSS, and responsive design. As well as video editing techniques used in editing the interview video itself.

WordPress Project

Web design & publishing

I collaborated with Freedom Studios Photography to create a self-hosted WordPress website with ‘About,’ ‘Portfolio,’ ‘Services,’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages for them. Additionally, the homepage showcases an embedded video advertisement.

Client Portfolio

Adv Social Media and Analytics

In this report, I was primarily accountable for the design and layout, with supplementary involvement in analytics.

Blog Project

Fundamentals of Digital and online media

I founded the blog ‘A Pocketbook Guide to Fashion’ to share my passion for fashion with others. This self-ran platform provides tips, tricks, and trends in the industry. It is an accessible resource for experienced fashion enthusiasts and those just beginning to develop their personal style. By establishing and maintaining this blog, I have demonstrated my knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry and my ability to create and curate content for a targeted audience.

Magazine Spread

Media design

This fashion magazine was designed in Adobe Illustrator. Throughout the spread, it is evident that there is a modern style implemented. The layout was curated with unique tones chosen specifically to complement each story’s visual photo.

Research Project and
Pitch Deck

Digital media innovation capstone

As part of a group project focused on a business idea, I assisted with the research and development of the pitch deck. Our team utilized design thinking methods during the Digital Media Innovation Capstone course to conceptualize the company. I utilized Canva to create the visual design for the pitch deck.

App Prototype Website

Digital Media Innovation Capstone

As part of my capstone class, I took on the task of designing a Bootstrap landing page for an app prototype. Using my skills in HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, I coded and customized the site to perfectly suit the needs of the project. Every aspect of the page was carefully crafted with original content to ensure its uniqueness and relevance to the theoretical company behind the prototype, which was created using design thinking.